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You can now play roms Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo Gameboy, and titles of the Nintendo Game Boy color online here on in the browser window! We use the wonderful Java emulators like JavaGear, vNES & JavaBoy to provide this functionality. Of course, as it's the case with most emulators, compatibility's not 100%, however, you'll find that most of the games are playable.

vNES also offers a backup function of game where you can use give names back to save your game and then continue to don't anytime the roms you like! In addition, key controls are indicated on each game page so that you can see once you have selected your game play So, how do you want these games online? It's pretty simple:

1. Browse our sections ROMS (links below) and select the title to what you want to play.
2. On the game page, you will find a section "play online".
3. It's all! You will be redirected to a new page and emulator will be loaded with the ROM for you!
4. Enjoy!

Are accessing the list of roms compatible :

Nintendo NES [NES]
Nintendo Game Boy [GB] & Game Boy Color [GBC]
Sega Master System [SMS]
Sega Game Gear [GG]